Not You

Not You

HEY YOU! WE ARE NOT YOU! (And yes, we will gladly ruin your kid’s birthday party)

Not You is a Dutch Punk Rock band from Leeuwarden formed in the late summer of 2016. Although Punk rock is what ties this band together, each member enjoys different genres of music. So when they’re writing music, there’s no telling what musical influences might find their way into the songs. One thing is sure, however; it sure makes you want to sing, party & mosh along whilst simultaneously chugging down your beer.

And make no mistake, just because Not You consists of three girls and one guy, they are all ‘one of the guys’ (except for the bewbs ‘n stuff). The band’s main goal is to play for as many people as possible, shout our hearts out, party and make everyone a part of Not You.

In case you've missed it! #moderation

Geplaatst door Not You op Dinsdag 11 april 2017